What is Wealth Power Time?


Welcome to Wealth Power Time – a personal website dedicated to help individuals to create/generate their own wealth, realize that they have a power (‘potential’) waiting to be unleashed and ultimately using that wealth & achieved self-confidence to unlock time of their lives.

In that order.

My name is empoderat, and I’m a anime avatar.

This isn’t important as well as my physical appearance or personal details. I’m here to show results, things that work. Learn together.

As my best friend say: ”Let’s play a little game: this game is called everybody wins”.

I’m here because I believe that another way of living is possible, and for that reason I write about my passions: personal finance, investing, money, self-confidence, passive income, Bitcoin and alternative currencies (‘alts’).

I understand that If you’re here it’s because you want to get the most from life. As I said before, be wealthy, empower yourself, have more time to do the things you love.

World are changing fast, and for that reason it’s more important than ever to be fast-adapting to the circumstances. The old rules from the playground of our parents are not valid anymore.

It’s our responsibility to learn the most from the expertise that surrounds us (experience from closer ones, school), but also to keep our mind open and be critical enough to realize what works and what not.

I’m on my twenties, and I still have a lot to do. I’m not financially independent, but I consider myself ahead compared with many others.

You enjoyed this little introduction? Keep reading. Let’s grow together.